Yalecrest Revival

Moving Towards the Light

This lovely project in one of Salt Lake City’s most coveted neighborhoods, built by Northstar Builders, demonstrates Belle’s deft approach at bringing life into all of her designs. With a new soft warm white backdrop, moldings, lighting and a deft placement of accessories, shimmer and sparkle at every turn. Gone are the heavy black iron light fixtures and drab putty colored walls, replaced with glistening crystal lighting and tactile fabrics, adding a pleasant freshness and giving the home a welcoming feel. But things are seldom as they seem. What at first appears as a timeless, delicate design is actually a very practical and functional space; ready to meet the needs of a busy, young and active family. Belle’s careful selection of durable fabrics, colors and lasting materials will serve this client well for many years to come; always surrounded by light.  

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield

2017 IIDA Best Award - Best Live Single Award
2016 Build News Award - Best High-End Design Studio