Ensign Peak Perfection

Less Is More

When undertaking the renovation of this tired 1980’s Master Bath, Scott Ross already had a path clearly mapped out for him. He was engaged by this busy professional couple to complete the redux of their kitchen just the year before. He knew their taste was tailored and with a penchant for simplicity and function. In the Master Bath he started from scratch. Gone are the low and uncomfortable cabinets and counters, tiny sinks, and cultured marble countertops. The drab walled-in shower stall was opened up with a gorgeous glass enclosure, connecting it to a gleaming undermount tub. Cherrywood, a species not seen for a while in more trendy interiors, creates a warm glow against the expanse of white quartz counters, crisp paint and plumbing fixtures. Gray graphite tile brings an organic element that plays beautifully off the cherrywood cabinets. Gleaming silver hardware, creates order with sleek drawer pulls and faucets. Unlike it’s predecessor, this bathroom will never date; with finishes and materials that truly show simplicity put towards its best use.

Lead Designer Scott Ross

Holladay in Full Color

Bold and Beautiful

Clients often wonder how they can live with bold color. Our advice is always to start with smaller doses and then work your way towards more. This project, by Scott Ross, is a perfect example. Never one to shy away from bold playful colors in his work, Scott had a terrific adventure working with this delightfully engaged client. This project was a wonderful collaboration between client and professional, and it shows in spades. Bright and cheerful orange shades are found throughout the residence which create a seamless flow from room to room. Never overpowering, and always welcoming, the warm sun kissed hues create a wonderful personal touch to the home. As a full interior remodel, new 8 foot contemporary interior doors replacing squatty 7 foot doors, were just the beginning. Virtually every surface and area was impacted. An exquisite Master Bath and knock out Kitchen both replaced bland and dated 1980’s spaces with no personality and mediocre function. Scott created a stunning focal point with gorgeous chiseled wood looking tile surrounding the great room fireplace. The client loved it from the first moment they saw it. It was just the beginning of an energetic and engaging designer/client relationship, in a home which reflects the taste and personality of the client – with just a little bit of Scott’s clever color details added for fun.    

Lead Designer Scott Ross

Farm Fresh Contemporary

Liveable and Lively

Farmhouse Contemporary can sometimes come off a little stark and trendy. But Scott Ross carefully pulled together this terrific urban inspired farmhouse theme with warmth, character and yes, some color! Known for its black and white emphasis, this strongly embraced trend in design, often lacks color and can come off contrived. Scott carefully weaves blues, greens and pinks into the palette of this builder’s home. Adding some pops of color to the black and white underpinnings gives the home style to spare and all without breaking the bank. Thoughtfully selected materials really shine in this home, including to the sparing use of shiplap and terrific decorative lighting. The bright white paint pairs perfectly with the contrasts of color and achromatic material palette that flows throughout the home. It seems there is no end to the great design Scott can squeeze out of his client’s budgets. This charming residence is yet another example of why his work is much sought after by clients who crave brilliantly executed design, but also want homes that are livable, functional and inviting.  

Lead Designer Scott Ross

Harvard Hot Shot

Style to Spare

The first time Scott Ross visited this established Harvard Avenue residence, it was dark, cramped, and dated. Traffic flow was hampered by an dysfunctional 1920’s floor plan leading to a tiny Kitchen and virtually no Master Bath on the second floor of the home. The homeowners, a young professional couple, wanted something vibrant, stylish and spacious where they could entertain friends and relax after a busy day. The extensive 6 month remodel took this charming little English Tudor from drab to fabulous; blowing out walls, bumping up rooflines and creating spaces the clients had only ever dreamed of. Scott and his team introduced one of his delightful and playful color palettes, mixed with pops of bling and fur to enliven rooms that had not seen a sense of style for a long time. The new Master Bath is a study in textures, tones and color. Beautiful stone and mosaic tile details throughout the home pull the rooms together beautifully, and provide playful nods to the original home’s architecture. Check out those profiles in the pass through areas! Arches never looked so good.

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez

2018 International Property Award - Best Private Residence

Cottonwood Heights Celebration

Beauty Tackles the Beast

With great care and finesse, Scott Ross and his team worked closely with his clients to feature their treasured possessions in a renovation of their residence. The client’s personal collection of photography and a lifetime of artwork collected from travels, family and friends, set the tone for this lovely and welcoming residence. Scott began by removing heavy and oppressive blinds and flooding the rooms with natural light. Crisp roman shades took their place. Hunting down practical furnishings and materials that could withstand 2 active teenage boys and 2 family dogs proved to be more of a challenge. He rose to the occasion. Using commercially rated fabrics where possible, he combined the best of both worlds. Tabletop surfaces are durable and the curation of accessories was kept to a minimum. Practicality and style blend seamlessly in his revised layouts. He even found space for the cherished family piano. In the family room he removed a dark and dated arched fireplace and mantle. This was replaced with chiseled floor to ceiling stone, providing texture for the fireplace wall without being busy. New built-in cabinetry has a definite Arts and Crafts theme, complete with art glass windows. As a designer, working with client’s possessions can be fun, challenging and very rewarding – especially when they can come together in a handsome result.

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez

Southern Mountain Stunner

Style in the Sky

When new residents of Salt Lake City found themselves with a beautiful new home and few furnishings, they turned to Scott Ross to pull their home together. Nothing like starting off in a new town without a chair to sit on! This fantastic home with architectural style to spare had one big problem; large west facing windows. Beautiful windows for mountain views, but beastly hot in the afternoon full sun. With a substantial portion of the client’s budget needing to go towards appropriate and insulated window coverings, Scott Ross became innovative with a frugal budget to finish off the remaining space. Working with a few of the client’s current possessions, he managed to pull together a comfortable room with great flair. Comfortable seating, combined with new carpeting and a refresh of the fireplace turned this empty cave of a room into a handsome gathering place for entertaining and relaxing.

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez

Colorful Cottage

A Quick Refresh

One of the best services offered through Lisman Studio is the installation of accessories, artwork and plants. To our team at Lisman, these finishing touches help unify a space and contribute to establishing character. For this charming smaller home in West Jordan, Utah, Scott and his colleague, Holly Jimenez, utilized many of the clients current furnishings as a starting point for their design scheme. Scott incorporated a delicate palette of blush, pale blue and cream to infuse the rooms with light and delicate touches of color. These clever choices help all of the rooms to feel more spacious, congruent, and infuses them with personality without ever feeling contrived. Charming accessories showcasing the client’s interests and personality. New area rugs, an additional smattering of new furnishings and fresh lighting all come together to give the home a polished, refined and welcoming appeal, seldom found in spaces of this scale. Beautiful things do come in small packages!

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez

East Bench Residence

Clean Line Contemporary

Sometimes there is nowhere to go but up! A tired and sad master bath suite, it was due for a major overhaul. This stunning and sweeping update owes much of its success to its simplicity in design and a clever grid of large tilework that unifies and opens up the room. Sparkling bath hardware completes the look.

Lead Designer Scott Ross

Draper Residence

Sexy In The Suburbs

This clever adaptation of a residence previously overdesigned in an old world theme showcases that in the hands of a deft professional great design conquers all. Gone are the enormous fussy wrought iron chandeliers and heavy drapery treatments. Now reinvented with stunning custom contemporary lighting and exposed windows filling the spaces with natural light. A large mural of columnar birch trees behind the master bed creates a vertical rhythm in an otherwise bland space. Bright, fresh fabrics and furniture profiles immediately update the traditional paneled walls throughout the home.  

Lead Designer Scott Ross

South Jordan Jaunty

Careful Curation

Working with a fresh clean slate gave Scott Ross the opportunity to bring color, light and pattern to what had been a relatively blank canvas in this South Jordan residence. Through careful curation of accessories, furnishings and even plants, he managed to create a bright exuberance in rooms that are ready for multi-functions. Never afraid of pattern, Scott deftly wove his talent into every small aspect of the project. Charming accessories bring a sense of approachability to what could have been rather plain rooms. And a carefully chosen color palette gives the rooms a “cool” vibe, without feeling trendy or too flashy. This project is a perfect example of the difference that small touches can make in a room. Plus, it shows that in a hands of a talented designer, even rooms designed on a sensible budget can look impressive, pulled together and upscale.

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez

Salt Lake City Residence

Small and Precious Things

Not all of Lisman Studio projects are grand and costly. In this particular renovation of an intimate home in one of Salt Lake’s most historical neighborhoods, Scott Ross rose to the design challenge beautifully. Working in small spaces can often be tricky. Through careful planning and execution Scott created a wonderful feeling of creative harmony in the rooms, all while working within spatially restricted areas. He started by freshening and unifying the rooms with a bright, cheerful and unexpected color palette. Through the subtle introduction of large scale pattern and organic texture he pulled off the small footprint seamlessly. Traffic flows well throughout the spaces, and rooms that are comfortable for this professional couple to come home and relax in, also adapt as inviting areas for entertaining. We always enjoy watching how Scott introduces a touch of glamour into his designs. His rooms always seem to sparkle, but never in an overpowering way. His clever use of cool shades of blue infuses the rooms with serenity and calm, but Scott’s rooms are never boring – or predictable. Once again, Scott proves here that truly lovely things and great design do come in small packages!

Lead Designer Scott Ross