Southern Mountain Stunner

Style in the Sky

When new residents of Salt Lake City found themselves with a beautiful new home and few furnishings, they turned to Scott Ross to pull their home together. Nothing like starting off in a new town without a chair to sit on! This fantastic home with architectural style to spare had one big problem; large west facing windows. Beautiful windows for mountain views, but beastly hot in the afternoon full sun. With a substantial portion of the client’s budget needing to go towards appropriate and insulated window coverings, Scott Ross became innovative with a frugal budget to finish off the remaining space. Working with a few of the client’s current possessions, he managed to pull together a comfortable room with great flair. Comfortable seating, combined with new carpeting and a refresh of the fireplace turned this empty cave of a room into a handsome gathering place for entertaining and relaxing.

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez