South Temple Refinement

Beauty and Grace

How do you take a contemporary high-rise residence from the 1980’s and turn it into a study in detail and elegance? You hire Belle Kurudzija and her capable team. Transforming a dated and drab South Temple penthouse from the disco era into a comfortable home for entertaining and gracious comfort was not small task. Belle moved walls, raised ceilings, and pulled out any reference that dated the residence to achieve this complete transformation. The client’s love for all things Parisian served as her inspiration. Soothing soft shades of gray blue, pale rose, and sage are carried throughout the residence with tremendous skill and talent. A fantastic kitchen full of character and charm replaced a former white laminate contemporary box kitchen. And that was just the beginning. A two story French limestone mantle infuses a soaring dining room with romance and glamour. A smaller French fireplace brings comfort to a sitting room. Exquisite hand painted doors, designed by Belle in the client’s former residence, were repurposed seamlessly into the new design. A delightful playroom, for the client’s grandchildren received special attention, because even on South Temple little people are very important. 

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield