South Jordan Jaunty

Careful Curation

Working with a fresh clean slate gave Scott Ross the opportunity to bring color, light and pattern to what had been a relatively blank canvas in this South Jordan residence. Through careful curation of accessories, furnishings and even plants, he managed to create a bright exuberance in rooms that are ready for multi-functions. Never afraid of pattern, Scott deftly wove his talent into every small aspect of the project. Charming accessories bring a sense of approachability to what could have been rather plain rooms. And a carefully chosen color palette gives the rooms a “cool” vibe, without feeling trendy or too flashy. This project is a perfect example of the difference that small touches can make in a room. Plus, it shows that in a hands of a talented designer, even rooms designed on a sensible budget can look impressive, pulled together and upscale.

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez