Salt Lake City Residence

Small and Precious Things

Not all of Lisman Studio projects are grand and costly. In this particular renovation of an intimate home in one of Salt Lake’s most historical neighborhoods, Scott Ross rose to the design challenge beautifully. Working in small spaces can often be tricky. Through careful planning and execution Scott created a wonderful feeling of creative harmony in the rooms, all while working within spatially restricted areas. He started by freshening and unifying the rooms with a bright, cheerful and unexpected color palette. Through the subtle introduction of large scale pattern and organic texture he pulled off the small footprint seamlessly. Traffic flows well throughout the spaces, and rooms that are comfortable for this professional couple to come home and relax in, also adapt as inviting areas for entertaining. We always enjoy watching how Scott introduces a touch of glamour into his designs. His rooms always seem to sparkle, but never in an overpowering way. His clever use of cool shades of blue infuses the rooms with serenity and calm, but Scott’s rooms are never boring – or predictable. Once again, Scott proves here that truly lovely things and great design do come in small packages!

Lead Designer Scott Ross