Monochromatic Marvel

Sleek And Sexy

One would never expect driving through this established neighborhood of well-manicured and traditional homes to come across this glamorous beauty when you open the front door. And quite frankly, it was just like all the other tasteful and transitional homes on the street. The clients were ready for a change in a big, big, way. Alder cabinetry, travertine, wood floors and granite countertops had lived a well-served life, but it was time for them to go. At the recommendation of Kristina Weaver and LaMar Lisman, some of the traditional elements of the home remained. Combining the clean lined Euro influenced furnishings with the established moldings, doors, and trim already in the home created a strong juxtaposition between themes. The kitchen is a study in gleaming finishes and materials. The clients had a fondness for and craved polished surfaces after looking at wood, wood, and more wood for years. Beautifully appointed cabinetry with high gloss fronts shines bright against quartz countertops. The Master Bath also received the same study in contrasts of black and white. Exquisite contemporary light fixtures can be found throughout the spaces, with special attention given to recessed, accent and vanity lighting. The client’s handsome collection of contemporary European furnishings came together beautifully in this transition of design and rounded out a successful and inspiring project that will serve this family well for many years to come.  

Lead Designer Kristina Weaver