Cottonwood Residence

In Grand Manor

A stunning and classically beautiful Georgian inspired residence in Cottonwood, Utah, becomes yet again another wonderful backdrop for one of Belle Kurudzija’s finest designs. Her quiet restraint in design echoes throughout every room. From the soft and delicate formal Living Room, to the masculine and rich Study; this home’s stately architecture speaks of elegance, refinement and grace. A proud and important Entry Hall becomes a clever backdrop for crystal, sparkling metals and even a crisp navy blue lacquer chest. To keep spaces from feeling contrived, Belle shifted from a sea traditional and expected landscapes to artwork featuring multiple themes; from traditional to subtle contemporary. As is often evidenced in Belle’s work, few things in any room ever scream “look at me!” – but rather everything she places in her design serves to compliment and embrace whatever is next to it. This results in design harmony and comes off as effortless, never feeling forced, trendy or contrived. Showing her ability to work with softer pastel palettes as well as bolder and rich color schemes, this welcoming residence offers a timeless snapshot of beauty and the ease of well executed design. Watch for more to come as Belle begins to move into additional areas of this grand home. Hopefully the best is yet to come!

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield

2017 Best Award - Merit Live Single Award