Farm Fresh Contemporary

Liveable and Lively

Farmhouse Contemporary can sometimes come off a little stark and trendy. But Scott Ross carefully pulled together this terrific urban inspired farmhouse theme with warmth, character and yes, some color! Known for its black and white emphasis, this strongly embraced trend in design, often lacks color and can come off contrived. Scott carefully weaves blues, greens and pinks into the palette of this builder’s home. Adding some pops of color to the black and white underpinnings gives the home style to spare and all without breaking the bank. Thoughtfully selected materials really shine in this home, including to the sparing use of shiplap and terrific decorative lighting. The bright white paint pairs perfectly with the contrasts of color and achromatic material palette that flows throughout the home. It seems there is no end to the great design Scott can squeeze out of his client’s budgets. This charming residence is yet another example of why his work is much sought after by clients who crave brilliantly executed design, but also want homes that are livable, functional and inviting.  

Lead Designer Scott Ross