East Bench Beauty

A Thoughtful Curation

The east bench of Salt Lake City is filled with wonderful older family homes situated on substantial lots with sweeping views. With their choice location in the center of the city, they are worthy of thoughtful renovations and updates. When the owners of this residence approached Belle and her team, they loved the house and valued the location and didn’t want to move. But the floorplan and interior finishes definitely needed some attention. Small, cramped and formal rooms were opened up, walls came down and light began to fill spaces that had previously felt confined. By taking out a rarely used formal dining room, the kitchen was able to expand, including creating a new space for dining that flowed better with the new gorgeous kitchen and adjoining great room. The master suite was reconfigured to include a new larger master bath, where Belle incorporated regimented tile accents, large mirrors and handsome sinks. As you study the final photos, you notice a calmness in each room that creates a wonderful sense of order and an absence of fussiness. Other than the owner’s exquisite Persian rugs, few other patterns exist. For Belle, who is comfortable working with stripes, florals, and geometric patterns, this home’s lack of pattern conveys a sense of tranquility.  

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield