Colorful Cottage

A Quick Refresh

One of the best services offered through Lisman Studio is the installation of accessories, artwork and plants. To our team at Lisman, these finishing touches help unify a space and contribute to establishing character. For this charming smaller home in West Jordan, Utah, Scott and his colleague, Holly Jimenez, utilized many of the clients current furnishings as a starting point for their design scheme. Scott incorporated a delicate palette of blush, pale blue and cream to infuse the rooms with light and delicate touches of color. These clever choices help all of the rooms to feel more spacious, congruent, and infuses them with personality without ever feeling contrived. Charming accessories showcasing the client’s interests and personality. New area rugs, an additional smattering of new furnishings and fresh lighting all come together to give the home a polished, refined and welcoming appeal, seldom found in spaces of this scale. Beautiful things do come in small packages!

Lead Designer Scott Ross                                                                                                                             Associate Designer Holly Jimenez