Capitol HIll Transformation

Big City Style

When first approached to work on this iconic residence located on Capitol Hill, Belle encountered a dark, dysfunctional and dated home. Rooms were tiny, windows were few, and whatever character had originally been in the home, had been stripped away long ago. What originally started out as two distinct private residences, joined by a long breezeway, created a linear floor plan fraught with obstacles. Since the property and its surroundings are listed in a historic district of the city, another challenge became working carefully within the existing footprint of the home. The original exterior structure had to remain intact, including window and door locations. The home really had no specific architectural theme to draw upon, other than a few arched windows and an interesting assortment of interior columns. The clients did however, have delightfully eclectic taste, great design energy and the patience of a saint to live through the renovation. Belle and her team infused all the spaces with light, removed barrier walls and raised ceilings wherever they could get away with it. The final design was kept simple, sleek and glamorous. The client was not shy about utilizing fur, sparkle, bling and color – which for Belle opened up a world of non-typical design opportunities. Comfortable seating groupings allow for conversation, entertaining and small or large gatherings. A handsome glass wine storage cabinet displays the client’s wine collection next to an adjoining wet bar, complete with gold brushed accent tile and gloss teal cabinetry. The gorgeous kitchen flows effortlessly from one room to the next, cleverly placed in the center of the revamped floor plan to the heart of the home. Belle moved the formal dining space to the large breezeway, and incorporated a “lite as a feather” magnificent Italian copper chandelier to sparkle during evening dinner parties. To keep everything from getting to serious, a reclaimed wood floor connects the spaces with a nod to the home’s storied past. The final result is a residence that is hip, fun and just a little bit quirky – all hidden under a dark, dysfunctional and dated past. 

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield