A Bountiful Beauty

Craftsman Contemporary

When it comes to an ability to skillfully mix pattern and texture, Kristina Weaver is without equal in the design industry. She has an ability to take any space, regardless of the design theme, and make it feel pulled together effortlessly. Good design should be effortless, it should feel natural and never contrived. This lovely residence, located in Bountiful, Utah is no exception. The client had a strong love for Craftsman influenced design; lots of simple millwork, glass, symmetry and interior architectural detailing. In addition, they didn’t want it to feel to the period, but rather fresh, contemporary and new. Working with her colleague, Cristen Cagle, Kristina combined traditional Arts and Crafts elements such as traditional millwork and cabinetry, with fun, playful and high energy tile, stone and even copper. The result is one of the most exceptional kitchens of Kristina’s career, and a home that is functional, warm and inviting. This is a client who uses their kitchen, which afforded Kristina the opportunity to include elements such as a hidden “bake center” and concealed storage for a bevy of small appliances and tools for cooking and baking. To further enhance the Craftsman appeal of the home, Kristina introduced interior brick to previously bland walls, and commissioned 4 stunning art glass “windows” highlighting the Four Seasons. A comfortable master suite and elegant bath, include a playful brick ceiling and contemporary concrete sinks. This home has it all, but in addition to wonderful cohesive design, Kristina has also provided spaces that will used and enjoyed for many years to come. For a busy, young and active family, this is the perfect place to kick back, enjoy something delicious prepared in the gorgeous kitchen, visit and feel like home.

Lead Designer Kristina Weaver
Associate Designer Cristen Cagle
Junior Associate Megan Ozosky

2018 ASID Design Excellence Award for Best Kitchen