Associate Interior Designer
Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication.

- Leonardo DA vinci

Megan Ozosky loves to imagine a space in her head and then working to bring it into fruition. Inspired by the pairing of outfits and unique clothes, Megan eventually took her creativity beyond fashion and moved onto the Interior Design stage. Her clever combinations are pattern, color and shapes are fresh and interesting. Her approach is never cliché, and always relevant to effective design. But Megan also has another side to her, minimalism. The idea of working from a blank canvas to create something innovative always drives her design process.

When asked what she loves about Lisman Studio, Megan shares that she loves how caring and willing everyone is to help. Everyone at Lisman Studio truly wants the best for their colleagues and the company as a whole, a rather unusual approach in the competitive world of design. Megan has a tremendous ability to organize, a talent that will serve her well in her design career. She has quickly found that design should serve a purpose – to engage, inspire and motivate. Megan is a graduate of the Interior Design Program at LDS Business College an AAS Degree in Interior Design. Originally from Nephi, Utah, Megan brings a great energy into the Lisman Studio space every time she walks in. We can’t imagine having a Lisman Studio without Megan being a big part of it!