Director of Marketing
Blake fun.jpg
Don’t argue about how the world is, but rather show them what it could be.

- Christopher reeve

With the increased relevance of Social Media, and as Lisman Studio has continued to have steady growth, the need for a Director of Marketing has become increasingly necessary. Blake Lisman fills this new position perfectly and brings a new dimension to the Lisman Studio team. Blake is a graduate of Utah State University, where his studies emphasized marketing and business. As a liaison with marketing and media for the Salt Lake Comic Con, Blake developed a great ability to coordinate, organize and manage local media sources. With a diverse background in Public Relations and Marketing through social media, Blake feels his insight to our digital lifestyle is valuable as we move into the “Millennial Generation” of design.

As a Lisman, Blake has surprisingly not seen the appeal of working as a design professional in the Interior Design Industry. But he is enthusiastic about being able to access his creative side in areas of Marketing relating to design. He seemed the natural choice for the position when it became available. Someone with a keen understanding of the high standards of Lisman Studio, combined with a passion for studying marketing trends, and campaigns, he fit the Director of Marketing need perfectly. Growing up in the Lisman household, Blake heard more about chairs, tufted sofas, carpet and drafting than most kids combined. It’s fun for him now to actually be part of the company that he grew up hearing about, and feeling like he can make a new and additional impact to a company that was founded before he was born.