The Abbington

Holladay, UT

In the highly competitive arena for Senior Living residences, Scott Ross truly raised the bar with his lovely interior design provided to The Abbington, a Senior Living project located in Holladay, Utah. The goal was to take a relatively large facility and pull it together through the use of color, texture and handsome woodwork, giving the property a warm, cozy and comforting interior. Scott provided exceptional design direction with his precedent study of the interior millwork, which harkens back to an Arts and Crafts theme. Warm and rich stained wood can be found throughout the facility along with cheerful and colorful art glass lighting. But don’t be deceived, what appears to be an upscale hospitality property, also has incredible functionality. With complete ADA access throughout the building, commercially graded durable fabrics and furnishings, and large open corridors for ease of use, this property is up for the challenge of providing exceptional care for its residents as they age in place. As senior residents transition to this next phase of their lives they will be surrounded by warm and familiar colors found throughout nature and comforted with furnishings that are appropriate, comfortable and elegant. The staff of The Abbington will also appreciate Scott’s attention to detail in the thoughtful selection of materials that will be durable, practical and easy to maintain. Avoiding the cookie cutter design approach to Senior Living afforded Scott the opportunity of creating something as special and unique as the residents who will choose to live there.  

Lead Designer Scott Ross
Associate Designer Holly Jimenez