Nord Orthodontics

Orem, UT

Can an orthodontic office be gorgeous? Can it be relaxing? Can it be calming? For Scott Ross, the answer to all three questions is a resounding yes! Scott deftly uses a palette of soft blues, greys and fresh whites to achieve design nirvana in his design interpretation for Nord Orthodontics, located in Orem, Utah. The old school of thought that only warm colors can be comforting, is quickly debunked by this stunningly beautiful office. Scott knew from the day he first met the client that he wanted this office to not only look different, it had to also feel different. Fabrics and seating are inviting, tactile and simple. Exquisite finished carpentry is kept to a minimum, and the handsome reception desk is a study in texture and tone. Scott is quickly establishing a name for himself as the go-to guy for the medical and dental community when they need a design professional. Never one to follow tired clichés, Scott approaches his boutique medical projects with a complete open mind, unencumbered by any previous notion of what works and what does not in the way of design. Scott knows the rules, and he knows how and when to break them to achieve the outcome his client wants. Yes, it worked here.

Lead Designer Scott Ross