Liberty Center

Provo, UT

The challenge for this urban project was to infuse the interior spaces with a sense of respect for the past, while still looking towards the future. The new multi-family community, Liberty Crest, is located in the heart of historical downtown Provo. An area rich in heritage and history provides the perfect inspiration for this upscale development. Exposed and painted brick, vertical shiplap walls and a stark and a predominantly achromatic color scheme, create a space that is both inviting and slightly quirky. Furnishings and lighting from a variety of different periods give the rooms a feeling of being furnished over time. Midcentury meets gentlemen’s club and everything else in-between.  In this clever and innovative installation, Belle has created a vibrant hipster hub, while still paying homage to the varied history of a great town. The Lobby and Club Room will welcome future generations of Provo’s rapidly expanding community and make them feel right at home.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield