Arboretum At Barber Station

Boise, ID

Belle and her talented team once again bring a chic sense of style to a new multifamily development located in Boise, Idaho. Arboretum, a stunning new community on the banks of the Boise River Greenbelt and nestled at the bottom of rolling foothills, sets the standard for upscale apartment living. Located next to Marianne Williams Park, Belle found inspiration from nature as her beautiful design scheme unfolded. Light, bright and fresh, would be words to describe this fantastic and sophisticated design. Belle always incorporates natural lighting into all of her designs, and Arboretum is no exception. A two story lobby with a cozy fireplace greets you upon entering the Sales Office and Club House area. Your first impression is the attention to every detail and the scale of the space. Soaring ceilings and two story draperies serve to emphasize the dynamics of this striking room. Even the grouping of seating feels bold, strong and sophisticated.

An inviting and appealing Club Room, complete with a functional Conference Room brings yet another stunning example of why this community will set itself apart from the rest. Clever bookcases, filled with books referencing gardening, flowers and horticulture is a playful nod to the community’s name. A streamlined and sexy kitchen beckons tenants to throw parties and events in the space. Comfortable lounge seatinginvites guests at every turn, and allows for multi-function entertaining.  

With her deft eye for texture, Belle has filled the spaces with her signature style without it ever feeling trendy. The 2 Bedroom model apartment is another example of Belle’s handiwork, it’s sharp and refined, yet youthful and exuberant at the same time. Appealing perfectly to a demographic that is looking for a sophisticated lifestyle in a pastoral setting. This project is the perfect mix of the restful country meeting the sophistication of the big city. Welcome Arboretum!

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield

2018 Model Unit of the Year - Idaho Apartment Association