The Christmas Box House

Success without giving back is failure.

- LaMar Lisman

At Lisman Studio we believe that good design changes lives. Which is why we’ve taken a hands-on approach to our 7 year long sponsorship of The Christmas Box International. Christmas Box International is a temporary crisis shelter program for children of all ages along the Wasatch Front, with the touchingly simple motto: every child deserves a childhood. The dedicated organization operates 365 days a year to positively impact the lives of Utah children unfortunately placed into the shelter system.

Motivated to take a personal approach beyond financial contributions alone, LaMar and the dedicated team at Lisman Studio have personally designed therapists offices, remodeled the mentoring program office to make it more welcoming for the teenagers, painted walls themselves and much, much more. Lisman Studio is grateful for the opportunity to contribute meaningfully towards our community and our youth.