Salt Lake City Residence
Small and Precious Things

Not all of Lisman Studio projects are grand and costly. In this particular renovation of an intimate home in one of Salt Lake’s most historical neighborhoods, Scott Ross rose to the design challenge beautifully. Working in small spaces can often be tricky. Through careful planning and execution Scott created a wonderful feeling of creative harmony in the rooms, all while working within spatially restricted areas. He started by freshening and unifying the rooms with a bright, cheerful and unexpected color palette. Through the subtle introduction of large scale pattern and organic texture he pulled off the small footprint seamlessly. Traffic flows well throughout the spaces, and rooms that are comfortable for this professional couple to come home and relax in, also adapt as inviting areas for entertaining. We always enjoy watching how Scott introduces a touch of glamour into his designs. His rooms always seem to sparkle, but never in an overpowering way. His clever use of cool shades of blue infuses the rooms with serenity and calm, but Scott’s rooms are never boring – or predictable. Once again, Scott proves here that truly lovely things and great design do come in small packages!

Lead Designer Scott Ross

Cottonwood Residence
In Grand Manor

A stunning and classically beautiful Georgian inspired residence in Cottonwood, Utah, becomes yet again another wonderful backdrop for one of Belle Kurudzija’s finest designs. Her quiet restraint in design echoes throughout every room. From the soft and delicate formal Living Room, to the masculine and rich Study; this home’s stately architecture speaks of elegance, refinement and grace. A proud and important Entry Hall becomes a clever backdrop for crystal, sparkling metals and even a crisp navy blue lacquer chest. To keep spaces from feeling contrived, Belle shifted from a sea traditional and expected landscapes to artwork featuring multiple themes; from traditional to subtle contemporary. As is often evidenced in Belle’s work, few things in any room ever scream “look at me!” – but rather everything she places in her design serves to compliment and embrace whatever is next to it. This results in design harmony and comes off as effortless, never feeling forced, trendy or contrived. Showing her ability to work with softer pastel palettes as well as bolder and rich color schemes, this welcoming residence offers a timeless snapshot of beauty and the ease of well executed design. Watch for more to come as Belle begins to move into additional areas of this grand home. Hopefully the best is yet to come!  

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

Yalecrest Revival
Moving Towards the Light

This lovely project in one of Salt Lake City’s most coveted neighborhoods, built by Northstar Builders, demonstrates Belle’s deft approach at bringing life into all of her designs. With a new soft warm white backdrop, moldings, lighting and a deft placement of accessories, shimmer and sparkle at every turn. Gone are the heavy black iron light fixtures and drab putty colored walls, replaced with glistening crystal lighting and tactile fabrics, adding a pleasant freshness and giving the home a welcoming feel. But things are seldom as they seem. What at first appears as a timeless, delicate design is actually a very practical and functional space; ready to meet the needs of a busy, young and active family. Belle’s careful selection of durable fabrics, colors and lasting materials will serve this client well for many years to come; always surrounded by light.  

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

West Cottonwood Residence
Gray No More!

With "gray" being the current design buzzword in interiors, this home encompasses all that we love about gray, while still showcasing the strength of introducing vibrant and unexpected pops of color to enliven spaces. A home designed for comfort and entertaining with a wonderful indoor/outdoor connection. A spacious kitchen for a gourmet cook is the perfect place to enjoy great food and wonderful company. Spaces connect seamlessly with a continuity of colors, materials, textures and (you knew this was coming), 50 shades of gray.

Lead Designer Kristina Weaver 

Sandy Residence
Welcome Home


A wonderful example of adding color to a rather brown and gray rustic room, infusing it with texture and interest. Warm hues combined with the existing wood and stone provide a space both gracious and welcoming. If new design elements look like they have always been there – a successful design marriage has been achieved.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

North Salt Lake Residence
Study in Simplify

A wonderful example of adding color to a rather brown and gray rustic room, infusing it with texture and interest. Warm hues combined with the existing wood and stone provide a space both gracious and welcoming. If new design elements look like they have always been there – a successful design marriage has been achieved.  

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

East Bench Residence
Clean Line Contemporary

Sometimes there is nowhere to go but up! A tired and sad master bath suite, it was due for a major overhaul. This stunning and sweeping update owes much of its success to its simplicity in design and a clever grid of large tilework that unifies and opens up the room. Sparkling bath hardware completes the look.

Lead Designer Scott Ross

Draper Residence
Sexy in the Suburbs


This clever adaptation of a residence previously overdesigned in an old world theme showcases that in the hands of a deft professional great design conquers all. Gone are the enormous fussy wrought iron chandeliers and heavy drapery treatments. Now reinvented with stunning custom contemporary lighting and exposed windows filling the spaces with natural light. A large mural of columnar birch trees behind the master bed creates a vertical rhythm in an otherwise bland space. Bright, fresh fabrics and furniture profiles immediately update the traditional paneled walls throughout the home.  

Lead Designer Scott Ross

St. Mary's Residence
Clean Line and Traditional

This full renovation of an existing residence built in the 1960’s provided a much needed facelift and lesson in function for this active family. A chic neutral palette flows throughout the residence, creating a feeling of unity and organization. Comfortable seating sets the tone for family conversation and relaxation. The family got to keep their residence in an area they loved, while essentially having a new, functional family home for their future use.

Lead Designer
LaMar Lisman

Associate Designer
Lisman Design Team

2013 Chrysalis Award 
Bath Remodel Under $40,000 Western Region

Featured on Houzz
Add a Little Metal to Make Your White Room Shine

South Temple Residence
Refined and Welcoming

Sometimes little things do come in small packages! This small South Temple Condominium had its owners wondering if they should move. They desperately needed more space! New built-in cabinets, and doors that open up adjoining rooms gave the client much needed elbow room and finally, storage space. The custom doors are hand painted in an Italianate design, giving the rooms a rich European flair – in addition to concealing practical storage where you would least expect.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija
Associate Designer Emily Hatfield

Salt Lake City Residence
Tuscan Update

This rather plain home was handsome, but lacked character. By replacing the fireplace, mantle and built-ins, the room received some much needed panache. Color became the next component to bring lively energy to the space. By taking the TV from above the fireplace, it kept it from being the center of attention – relegating it to a convenient locale, without compromising the design of the room.

Lead Designer Kristina Weaver

Pepperwood Residence
Livable and Entertaining

This is a home with 2 primary goals; family gathering and adult entertaining. Spaces are clearly defined for “grownups” and the “kids” – with each being as energetic as the other. Strong lines, architectural elements and colorful contrast make this home appealing on many levels. An example of working with a game plan, this home has been designed and completed in stages comfortable to the client and their busy family.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

Park City Residence
Mountain Functionality

This renovation of a tired mountain residence infused fresh energy and life into a home located in a terrific setting. Without compromising the mountain charm of the home, a clean new color palette, updated patterns and furnishings served to create a lovely gathering space for many years to come. The new renovation also helps the home to feel more versatile for year round use, rather than just for winter ski adventures.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

North Salt Lake Residence
Fresh and Bright

What do you do when you love your location, but have outlived your house? In this case the answer was a simple one. Renovate! Tired and dated colors and materials were replaced with light, light and more light. A dowdy oak kitchen gained new life with a new transitional white kitchen and fun pops of color. Every room is filled with light, space and color.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

North Holladay Residence
Gracious Comfort

This substantial addition to a home completed several years ago provided an impressive challenge to the Lisman team. The goal was to have the transition seamless between the existing and the new. The addition comprised a new family gathering space complete with a kitchen, a guest bedroom suite, study and a lower level Golf Simulator. The room is in constant use by family, friends and neighbors, which was the intent of the owners – it has met their needs beautifully.

Lead Designer Kristina Weaver

Huntsville Residence
Mountain Zen


This stunning residence with sweeping views of northern Utah encapsulates the variety of textures and tones. Shiny with rough, smooth with soft, everywhere you look is a delight for the eyes and the senses. The large open floor plan and low profiles of furniture contribute to being able to see and experience the breathtaking views from every corner of this contemporary masterpiece.

Lead Designer LaMar Lisman

Associate Designer Lisman Design Team

2012 IIDA BEST Awards - Brilliantly Executed Spaces & Thinking

Holladay Residence
Urban Chic

When asked how we felt about designing a concrete house, Lisman Studio said, sure! The challenge here was to create comfort and coziness in a house that was almost completely covered in hard surfaces; stone, concrete, steel, glass and iron. Even devoid of wall to wall carpeting, this contemporary home feels intimate and beautifully captures the outdoor views and landscape. The consistently neutral palette provides an endless opportunity for quick color updates.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

Holladay Residence
High Energy Midcentury

This home, winner of the ASID Award of Excellence, started out as a sad and tired mid-century diamond in the rough. With a keen eye towards the original concept of the house, the design team carefully dissected, studied and evaluated each piece of the original structure to restore that which had been lost, refurbish that which remained and create a tribute to an exciting chapter in design history – all with an eye towards the future. To quote one of the Judges of the ASID Competition, “Finally a mid-century home restoration that doesn’t look like a museum!”

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

2014 IIDA BEST Award - Single Unit
2013 ASID Design Excellence Award

Fruit Heights Residence
Tailored Simplicity

Sometimes Lisman Studio is asked to create a space for a family to return to and this traditional home would be a great example. Although the children are grown, the sense of place is evident at every turn. One of Lisman Studio’s most gracious and comfortable homes to date, this residence located on a quiet cul-de-sac beckons, family gatherings, relaxation and gracious entertaining.

Lead Designer Belle Kurudzija

Associate Designer Emily Hatfield

East Draper Residence
Family Friendly

Located high on the east bench of Draper, Utah, this stunning traditional home is not only gorgeous, but practical and comfortable for the family it was designed for. Warm, inviting colors create a palette for family gathering and relaxation. A spectacular beamed entry creates a space for a delightful music room – one of this busy family’s favorite pastimes.

Lead Designer Kristina Weaver